New Year

I’ve never been very big on New Year’s resolutions and such. In fact, I’ve just never been that excited about the New Year. To big of a change for me! I am totally okay with gradual change that I can process and assimilate, but going from one year to the next overnight has always unsettled me a little, even when I’m excited to put the past behind and start afresh.

Fresh snow

But then, as the month goes on and the new year settles in, I’m able to set my intentions for the year ahead. Find a defining word. Finally come to term with the fact that this is a completely new and fresh year ahead!


This year’s defining word was a no-brainer for me. It’s CHANGE. The whirlwind of change started back in September already and has only been picking up speed ever since. And it’s clear that this whirlwind will become a full-blown hurricane before the year is out. And don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing guys!

But as I mentioned earlier, I don’t do great with change. I like to have time to process everything, to adjust. And I know that there will be little time for that along this crazy adventure (more on that later)…

So my intention this year as I go through all these changes is to be able to do so graciously. To keep an open mind and stay flexible. To allow myself space as I process through it all. To accept being vulnerable with the people who will be surrounding me when I do feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of those changes. To remind myself to trust and grow and evolve along the way.

Also, I want to keep the wonder and the excitement through it all. I want to remember to enjoy the process, because I know that this will be a once in a lifetime whirlwind. I want to appreciate just how beautiful change can be.

And so as I consider what 2019 will bring, I get this tingly feeling similar to what I get the night before a big trip or every time I board a plane… because I know that this year will be one hell of an adventure!